Book Overview

Have you ever wondered what it is like to live in another country? Have you ever wanted to talk to someone who has lived in another country that was not their homeland?

Learn from an American, the experience of marrying a Middle Easterner and her experience of living in the Middle East. Her journey began from Cabrini Green in Chicago Illinois, to journeying to Saudi Arabia back to life in the United States.

Each Chapter will take you to the next journey of Tina’s life one page at a time. Chapters one through three begins with Life in Cabrini Green, and transiting the move to Valparaiso Indiana at the age of seven. Chapters four through six discusses how Tina met her husband at Vincennes University and how their family formed. Chapters seven through ten will take you through Tina’s move to Saudi, life in Saudi, and events that occurred during her 13 year duration in Saudi Arabia. Chapter 11 discusses Tina’s return to the United States.

There is a wealth of information of questions asked of women in Saudi Arabia in this book.